Hard to believe he is now captain america.

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Once u mess up liquid eyeliner there is no going back


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Kurebayashi’s colorful braces! by Junnyan

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On May 16th I am taking part in the 10k Equality Walk in Brighton to raise money for Stonewall. Please give generously for this fantastic cause.

I am doing this for them and for everyone else out there who is discriminated against, be it in school, work, the courts or everyday life, just because of who they love.

Stonewall works to achieve equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexual people. They do a fantastic job of promoting anti-homophobic awareness to everyone, as well as support for gay youth in the community. I am supporting them so that younger generations can know that, not only that it is okay not to be straight, but also that it is /not/ acceptable to target someone because of this fact.

If you could take a minute to donate whatever you can, you will be helping young people who need support at this time in their lives.

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someone give Kim Soo Hyun a handshake

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seoulsion said:
happy birthday~ ♡

Thank you lovely~

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Anonymous said:
Happy birthday~

Thanks! \o/

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Thank you ^^

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How relationships work:

I like your butt.

However, I can notice other butts. They can be nice too.

But your butt is my favourite butt. It’s the nicest butt. Because it’s mine. And I can touch it.


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adorable laugh of the jung jinyoung
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Solar Road Trip

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